CSR Program

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

Steve Maraboli

Aside from top-notch coconut products, M&S is also committed to sustainable development and community involvement. As a company that is always aware of the happenings around us, we engage in various charity involvement in sponsoring essentials and monetary donations to an array of charitable causes yearly.

Other than that, in line with our core values, we are also actively involved in voluntary programs that help protect Malaysia’s endangered animals such as the Malayan Tapir and Orang Utan.

As we believe that education is the foundation of our development, M&S has a scholarship program that offers sponsorships to students that are targeted on pursuing further education. This initiative is intended to benefit the less fortunate by providing an avenue to attain a higher education which will lead them to a better future.

Our Efforts For The Community

M&S is committed to sponsor essentials to the needy, we are also making monetary donations to deserving or charitable causes on a yearly basis.

MCO Lunch Box Donation to orphanages

We noticed some of the orphanages are struggling during the MCO period. There are less donations received and children need to be fed. We are sending lunches to them every day for 3 months to help them ease this serious situation.

Scholarship program

Knowledge can change the world. We believe that education can change a person’s life. Giving children the opportunity to receive education will encourage them to help others one day. This is how it should be done.

MNS (Malaysia Natural Society)

Saving Malayan Tapirs and other endangered animals.